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So I started running again after a day at the park with my daugther and wife.  I asked the lady if she’d mind if I tried just running around the park track once (.5 mile).  I’d been mentally a little stressed (work, family, economy, etc). and wanted to try the distraction.  I pulled it off no problem.   I ran some in the past but never really tracked the runs.

With my iphone I am able to GPS track my run.  I love crunching stats and tracking progress.  This got me out the door the next day so that I could begin to log some data.  Then the next day and the next.  I needed data points!

In addition to data points, I need a goal. I signed up for a 8k in march and a 10k in april. I’ve been following a pretty ridged 10k training plan. I also committed to the 100 pushups and 200 sit-up challenges. Both are 6 week programs and again more data points to plot. Though I almost feel like I should do one of those photo a day things to track changes in my physical stature.

Last sunday I set my personal best which was a 4.01 mile run with an average (9:40 mile).

Date: 02/08/2009
Start Time: 15:36:31
End Time: 16:15:42
Time Taken: 00:39:12
Total Distance: 4.01 mi.
Pace: 09:46 (avg)
Speed: 6.13 (mi/hr) (avg)

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February 10th, 2009 at 6:58 pm

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