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Portland Chicken Coop Complete

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On mothers day I picked up 4 baby chicks for Sara as a gift.  We raised them in the office in a old pack and play from craigslist.  We recently left for a week trip to Sonoma.  When we came back the chicks became chickens and one a Rooster.  Since we cannot keep a rooster in Portland, we sent him off to a Feed Store off of Foster.

I finished up the coop that day.  So now the nasty beasts are outside and the office is reclaimed from the livestock.

PDX Backyard Chicken Coop

PDX Backyard Chicken Coop

Written by eod

June 24th, 2009 at 6:52 pm

Downstairs Bathroom Remodel

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Original BathroomI’m still trying to find some progress pictures but here is the run down on the main floor bathroom remodel. When we first moved into the house, the mainfloor bathroom confused me. The toilet sat up on a raised platform, the sewer vent pipe was exposed, the layout was wrong, no outlets, etc. I can only speculate about the bathroom but I assume it was a “Oh shit we forgot a bathroom on the mainfloor” or the guy was just getting lazy (we’ve been told the original owner built the place himself). The first picture is from the RMLS listing of the house.

They dressed it up as much as they could when the house was on the market. The box was the biggest thing that got to me. Why was the toilet raised up on a box? Did they have trouble getting sewer grade? We wanted to tile the bathroom (pictured above is some fake vinyl tile) but the box would prove to be an issue.

I don’t know what it is but all the good progress pictures I take disappear from the camera. I can assume they are probably often deleted in a fury of trying to snap a cute picture of my daughter when she is sleeping with one of the cats.

We ended up breaking out the toilet platform which oddly enough was not needed. We then jackhammered up the floor to move the toilet a couple inches back and to the left. You may wonder if those few inches made a difference. The answer is yes. Have you ever seen a toilet with a nice 4 inch gap behind the toilet. It looks weird. And in this tiny bathroom it makes a huge difference. At the same time we relocated the sink to the same wall as the toilet.

After the sewer work, we repoured the floor. I pulled the drywall off (seriously some of the poorest mud work I have seen). Wired the room up for outlets, can lights, new fan, etc. While I had the drywall off, I noticed a lot of decay in the headers which ended up being a powder post beetle. After replacing the wood and spraying down for the critters. We drywalled up the room, painted, laid the tile and mounted the fixtures.




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May 13th, 2008 at 5:51 pm

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Hooray dryrot in my headers! Wait no powder post beetle!

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I’m way behind on updating the progress of my various projects. We decided to tear into the mainfloor bathroom and fix some nagging issues. These issues being:

1) The toilet sits on some sort of box

2) The Toilet sits way over the legal requirement distance from the wall
3) It is butt ugly
4) vinyl floor tiling
5) No class (see #3)

So we tore the platform out that the toilet was sitting on. Called our journeyman plumbing neighbor over to take a look at why they would have raised the toilet on a box he said “He probably wanted to feel like he was on a throne or the plumber and the contractor had a fight”. Basically he could see no good reason for raising the toilet onto a platform. So we broke out the floor and relocated the toilet (12″ center from wall, as opposed to I think the 18″ center it was sitting).

Anyways, I started in on the eletrical and in a moment of frustration just started beating the drywall out of the back wall when I noticed a flaky dryrotted header. So yeah. Detour. This was suppose to be a quick 2 weekend project and is now turning into something more.



UPDATE: It is not dryrot.  It is damage from a powder post beetle.  Man the thing just turned the whole bad boy to dust.  We’ll be cutting out the top piece and replacing it and then spraying the whole thing down with Timbor.

Written by eod

March 3rd, 2008 at 1:45 am

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