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Getting Crystal Reports ActiveX working in Win7 IE8/IE9

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Something we recently encountered at the office was getting Windows 7 clients to install the older Crystal Reports ActiveX plugin. We run Crystal Reports Server XI which we have tightly intergrated with our CRM system (SageCRM) due to the lumbering nature of our CRM, we do not update components of it without extensive testing. Thus we are using a slightly older Crystal Server.

Problem: We encountered on some Windows 7 systems during deployment that the Crystal Report Plugin for IE would not install. It’d prompt then present a red x. Searching shows us that IE8/IE9 are not exactly supported. Anyways searching for about 3 hours and trying numerous things here is the work around we found.

  • Downgrade to IE8
  • Create a local account. Assign that account admin rights.
  • Reboot into the created local account
  • Enable full UAC
  • Browse to the site that wants to present the ActiveX plugin. You should get prompted by UAC.
  • Return UAC to the previous level

After that you can reboot and it should now work for all accounts on the workstation (including domain users).

Last Thoughts: I don’t know if downgrading to IE8 is necessary. Something I have noticed with IE and some of the newer features in Vista/Windows 7 that when you disable something that would reside fairly low-level in the program (pop-up blocker in IE) a lot of times even if it is off, it still trips up. I think in this case even though we gave full ActiveX unsigned rights and had UAC off, it still passed that request through that layer and got tripped up. Enabling UAC allows the trip up to be brought up.

We have had luck upgrading to IE9 after the plugin install and having it still work.

So take this as you will.  It is a work around.

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December 7th, 2011 at 10:43 pm

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