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Squeezeslave running on Dockstar (Marvell ARM Processor)

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This is the path I took in getting squeezeslave to run on my hacked Dockstar (Should work on Pogoplug or Sheeva/Guruplug). Squeezeslave is a software implementation of a squeezebox. It is command line driven and so far fits great on my little marvel devices. I now have one in my daughters room for streaming her children’s audiobooks from our squeezecenter (which is running on another Dockstar).

First thing I did was grab the tarball:


Unpack it

#tar xzfv squeezeslave-marvell6281-lnx26.tar.gz

Which will give you the license file and a executable named squeezeslave. At this point if I attempt to run squeezeslave I get the following.

# ./squeezeslave
PortAudio error4: Host error. Could not open any audio devices.

From my brief understanding (and I mean brief) and light research we need the AOSS wrapper files in order to play with my USB sound device. I grab the following packages:

# apt-get install alsa-oss

Next go into the directory you unpacked squeezeslave in. You should now be able to execute with the following.

#aoss ./squeezeslave -L
Output devices:
* 0: /dev/dsp
#aoss ./squeezeslave IP_of_squeezeboxserver

And that is it. Just run it and point it to the squeezeboxserver.

Thanks to the folks at the squeezebox forums and the authors of squeezeslave.
Current release forum: here

Any questions or more likely corrections, leave a comment.
Some people are having issues with it quitting out. I have had luck by running it with ‘-R’

#aoss ./squeezeslave IP_of_squeezeboxserver -R

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November 4th, 2010 at 2:39 am

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