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Outlook 2007 recurring meeting bug an dell laptops

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When I found this out, I was stunned. We have someone in the office with a Dell laptop that kept complaining about meetings making themselves as recurring. I looked at the issue and figured it was user error. A week later he came back and complained that again a meeting had turned itself into a recurring meeting.

Then I discovered this little gem.

This “bug” affects only Dell laptops with Direct Media.

Dell laptops include an application called Media Direct and this application installs an Outlook add-in called “Outlook Setup Addin” which is causing problems for some users. This add-in supports the Instant Office feature of Media Direct. Uninstall it from Control panel, Add and Remove Programs to prevent the problem with future meeting requests.

Along with causing meeting requests to become recurring, it doesn’t work well with Outlook 2007 and is responsible for at least some of the complaints about Outlook 2007′s slowness and CPU resources spiking.

BAH! Removed the program and no more issues.

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March 5th, 2008 at 10:58 pm

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Hooray dryrot in my headers! Wait no powder post beetle!

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I’m way behind on updating the progress of my various projects. We decided to tear into the mainfloor bathroom and fix some nagging issues. These issues being:

1) The toilet sits on some sort of box

2) The Toilet sits way over the legal requirement distance from the wall
3) It is butt ugly
4) vinyl floor tiling
5) No class (see #3)

So we tore the platform out that the toilet was sitting on. Called our journeyman plumbing neighbor over to take a look at why they would have raised the toilet on a box he said “He probably wanted to feel like he was on a throne or the plumber and the contractor had a fight”. Basically he could see no good reason for raising the toilet onto a platform. So we broke out the floor and relocated the toilet (12″ center from wall, as opposed to I think the 18″ center it was sitting).

Anyways, I started in on the eletrical and in a moment of frustration just started beating the drywall out of the back wall when I noticed a flaky dryrotted header. So yeah. Detour. This was suppose to be a quick 2 weekend project and is now turning into something more.



UPDATE: It is not dryrot.  It is damage from a powder post beetle.  Man the thing just turned the whole bad boy to dust.  We’ll be cutting out the top piece and replacing it and then spraying the whole thing down with Timbor.

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March 3rd, 2008 at 1:45 am

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