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What ports are listening/connected on my windows machine

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I’m just going to blog a quick bit about using netstat. The command netstat (NETwork STATistics) will display network connections, routing tables and information on network interfaces. This is a command line tool. It is available on windows as well as *nix. I’m talking mostly about it in regards to the world of windows.

In the past I’d run netstat, use it to show what connections are open and on what port. It also would display the PID allowing me to open task manager and see what PID is using that port. I recently found out that since SP2 on XP (and I’m going to assume Vista). That you can run the following command.

netstat -nob

Netstat -nob will do the PID look up also. Resulting in a display like so.


Of course yours will be a longer list. So in summary.

* Bring up your command line

* run netstat -nob

* HOORAY enjoy all your information

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November 13th, 2007 at 5:43 pm

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